About Us

Helping Leaders Find Their Way

At Anderson Knight we bring proactive methodology to the search business that combines our exclusive client base, a true search mentality, and an ethical approach. We bring outstanding results to our corporate clients, as well as to those entrusting us to build their careers. The majority of our clients are exclusive to Anderson Knight and represent the highest quality of employer.

​As a privately owned, locally operated, and community based firm with over 25 years in the Mid Atlantic region, we are centered on the relationships we build with the region's decision makers and use this local focus to help build an unparalleled network . As such, we confidently ensure success in your company's search for executive level talent and aim to provide unique opportunities that match the supreme talent level and career desires of the candidates we represent.

As executive search professionals, we recognize that the insights we bring, the advice we impart, and the solutions we provide can have a significant impact on the businesses we serve, and the careers and lives of others. We take on these responsibilities with the utmost respect and dedication, and take great care to protect the trust that has been bestowed upon us.  

​At Anderson Knight, we build careers and strengthen companies.  

Why Anderson Knight?

Experience You Can Trust. Our reputation and 30 plus year history of success with our clients, both corporate and individual, speak for itself. 

Ethics, Honesty and Confidentiality. In an industry littered with "stories", Anderson Knight insists on nothing but the highest of ethical standards with all our dealings.  

Market Knowledge. Whether you are an executive looking to make an essential hire for your organization or an individual looking to advance your own career, you can rest assured that Anderson Knight has the answers to all of your questions. From salaries, to job descriptions, to growth industries, we know our market.  

Methodology...No Surprises. Twenty Steps to successful hires...research, interviews, face to face meetings, references, and so much more. There are no shortcuts to a successful search. No stone unturned, no question unasked. No surprises.  

Network. Nothing is more essential to a successful executive search than the strength of an organization's network. At Anderson Knight our years of service, involvement, and success in the Mid Atlantic region has allowed us to develop a strength of network that is the envy of firms throughout the region. 

Success. We know no other outcome.  



Richard W. CFO Search, Real Estate

"We looked to fill our CFO opening on our own for over three months. Within 3 weeks of engaging Anderson Knight we had our first round of interviews. Our toughest challenge was trying to decide which of the stellar candidates they presented to go with. They were all so well qualified and would have all been excellent fits. Outstanding performance."

Sherri L. Tax Partner, Regional CPA Firm

"Never an easy task locating a quality candidate at the partner level. You have to make sure you aren't picking up another firm's problems. Locating the right talent set, chemistry, non-competes...it's just not an easy task. The patience and professionalism in which our search was handled was nothing short of miraculous. References, background checks, even cursory review of non-compete issues. Truly exceptional work." 

James D. Interim Controller, Not for Profit

"We were in a desperate situation. Our controller left with two week's notice as our year-end was approaching. Not sure how we were going to keep our heads above water, Mark suggested we take on a controller in the interim as they orchestrated the full time search. Having never worked with a temporary accountant at that level, we were a little skeptical at first. Turned out to be the smartest decision we could have made. Phil kept us afloat and within days, he made us forget he was simply here as an interim solution. We even ended up keeping him on for additional projects well beyond hiring a full time controller."